Was the era of wearable fashion come to an end?

Was the era of wearable fashion come to an end

Wearable devices are in an interesting position. After a gold rush in 2013 , products like smart watches, fitness wristbands and clothing pieces with built-in software still try to lure consumers into stores; meanwhile, augmented reality viewers such as Glass try to  partner with factories on the shop floor  and VR glasses try their luck by luring gamers with huge rooms .

In the midst of uncertainties, news of former Yves Saint Laurent Paul Deneve’s dismissal from his post at Apple – where he apparently worked with Apple Watch – set the tone: big manufacturers no longer seem to be looking to turn their products into fashion icons. To unveil its Apple Watch Series 3 in 2017, for example, the Cupertino Company has created a much more pragmatic message: the hubbub was about items like the built-in modem, which leaves the clock slightly more independent of its smartphone, and a new heart rate meter.

But come back to 2014 and 2015 and the world of wearables was very different. Everyone seemed eager for a stylish bath. Hermès partnered with Apple to launch fashion wristbands, Garmin launched its own smartwatches and Fitbit Flex 2 was created to function as both a daytime exercise partner and an elegant evening accessory. Fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg even worked with the Glass team in 2014 to turn the augmented reality viewer into a fashion item.

To the beans with functions and technical tables, the wearables wanted to hang out with the cool guys! Look at this ad for smartwatch Access, developed by Michael Kors in 2014, and it’s impossible to figure out that the James Bond gadget airs clock can receive calls and emails.


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