With bold design, this submarine can turn your object of desire

this submarine can turn your object of desire

Aston Martin is known for its luxury sports cars, but this time, its novelty comes from the bottom of the sea. The automaker is developing a mini-submarine in partnership with Triton Submarines, a traditional American submarine manufacturer.

The vehicle has not yet hit the market, but begins to be delivered in a year. The British brand has already released images of the concept of the machine. Neptune, as it was baptized, will cost $ 4 million and will have room for three occupants. “We have adopted shapes and proportions that express the same devotion to the design, engineering and beauty of our cars as the Aston Martin Valkyrie project,” said Marek Reichman, creative director of the company.

The technical details of the minisubmarine are still a secret, but another Triton model may give clues about Neptune. The Low Profile platform is the smallest and lightest underwater production in the world: it is 1.80m high, weighs 4 tons, dips up to 500m deep and reaches a speed of 5.5km / h. @tritonsubmarines


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